Good, you found your way to our Crypto 101 page. This means you want to understand the technology behind it? You’ve come to the right place. Here we explain everything about Blockchain, Wallets, Proof-of-Work, DApps, the tangle, security, forks etc.

On our Crypto 101 page we give a short introduction about the basics of Cryptocurrency. Most Cryptocurrencies rely on the same basic principles that were set by the very first Cyprotcurrency ever, Bitcoin. All altcoins (alternative coins to Bitcoin) either

  • improve on the Bitcoin technology (like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, …);
  • build a new concept on top of the underlying Blockchain technology (like Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Neo, …);
  • create a whole new kind of Cryptocurrency based on the principles of Cryptography and that of a blockchain (like Iota).

As technology keeps evolving, so do Cryptocurrencies. We will try to keep this page up-to-date with recent evolutions, so check back regularly to learn more.